Thursday, November 13, 2003

Like the snakes of the air, it mixes and combines
Drums to the beat, and beats from the heart, intertwined
Capable of expressing every void, that fills the mind
The purpose of which, cannot be found in time
The uncontrollable urge to sing in the clean
Fingers tap while waiting to be seen
For some people, is more than a dream
That which is not yet heard is ripped from the seams
Together we share our misery and smiles
From the anger born, to the pinna defiled
Purest humanity corses like a thousand Niles
Into the drains of a road, it stretches for miles..

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

At times I feel I have no more doors left to walk through
A wall stands between what my thoughts drift into
The chains of this vanity bind me to my sanity
Yet the voices in the dark await their cue
Every day reveals the seriousness of this infection
‘Life’ relies on the spread so it avoids detection
We build our fears but we can’t see behind the their tears
I’m a one man army for a universal insurrection
Lost in the chaos I will choke before I swallow
Happiness cannot be loved without proper sorrow
I’m free to walk anywhere with these bindings I wear
‘Freedom is mine’ I say, with my foot caught in the snare.
I have talked with the figure whom everything sees
It was a foggy day, about twenty-five degrees
It appeared to me there in the tv of my head
An elaborate colorfull swirling, empty and dead
It summed up it’s message in a word so familiar
A waterwheel with holes. Our planet ‘s atmosphere
A powerful theology, one we’ve seem to have missed
But to say it is wrong, is to prove that it exists
A wanderer, deep in the chasms of a gold mine
Unconsciously I sit, beating the barriers of my mind
Most of the house has rooms, never been used
Locks endure the axes, the doors imprinted by shoes
Power radiates from the threshold of upper floors
Power for absolute conquest, or to stop all wars
IĆ¢€™ll keep digging for gold, trying to find these keys
Until closed, the door to the morgue opens for me.