Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I write this without the intention to offend or depress, but with that I must confess, I feel I must tell you that I write this to cheer you, to ignite the fear into your heart of mispelled thought intentions and potentiality.

Do not look to the sun, for it will only show you your own doubt, a set of push ups you use to look at my own dark outline. Muscles strain, and blood declines from the unknown surplus, my perceptual image. I see it as thus, and as do you, for granted in this game for two, I brave the storm of your excited sigh.

Grant me the earthquake of a bicuspate fault; the realization of the same into the depths of my stomach. Without the time or day, or the radiation of knowledge to the rolling spheres on a ramp of imperfections. You show me where to strive; that all so familiar face in the clouds.

My mind is the ticklish grass on the hill in which I lie on. I stare up at you... and I can't help but be amazed.
I can't see
her spacial projection
so close
only in diagram...
can ponder deeper
next to my four cornered
aesthetic habitat.
I wander around this rather temporary scenery; there is no sun, nor no moon but yet a light seems to eminate from somewhere, it almost annoys me that I can't stay focused on this phenomenon long enough to care.

I ponder around the corners feeling the irresitable transmission from a unknowable reality. But yet this screen, this invisible reality seems to offer something extra, something which requires a deposit that I will never get back.

I lock eyes with the key of my own satisfaction, the few syllables that actually matter. The silence is blaring and the flourescent lights flicker silently. A square of continuance envelops light and content.
My mind breaches
cascades with water
for none seems to come out
This excersize
curved sweat
onto my drum

A smile forms.
I choose to choose
which is
to glance at the clock

I grasp my lips
and bury them
in the shredded