Saturday, January 15, 2005

I walk with you right down the street
Under streetlight eyes will meet
I wonder should I hold your hand
The bed is where I hope we’ll land
Why do you wanna think
Why do you wanna think
Who needs to understand?
You take me home to warmth and light
Knowing you’ll send me back to night
My eyes will search your stare for face
I lean for a kiss after your embrace
Who would wanna be
Who would like to be
Alone tonight?
I don’t know how you captivate
All I know is I can’t wait
Your beauty like a scorching sun
Warm my heart, we lay as one
This is what I write
This is what I write
As I watch you run..
Disappointment follows me
Glasses I often use to see
I’ll take them off from time to time
Stumble around like a dumbfounded mime
A drop in the pond will ripple some strife
A drop in the glass, I’ll drink down my life
Reject me now or I’ll wake up and smile
Kiss me again so I’ll sleep for a while

Monday, January 03, 2005

I see it in triangles, with us inside
A trio our mind mangles, this I sigh
Like the angles that govern
We’re alike all us brethren
Looking out from behind the sun
I see the world itself and me one
Wipe your eyes from this life so you’ll hear me
A Salvador Dali, definition for you see
Tears fall to earth, as we look to the skies
A cut short branch, in evolution’s divide
Wrapped in hope, it keeps me learning
Maybe a shortcut, for that which we’re yearning
To you I’m sad it’s not true
In flact I’m glad, glad I have you
You can’t know the truth
I do this for you
With my view now anew
my worst fears ensue
The new vietnam, a consentual perm
For a price I have learned
There is no return from this place I have gone