Friday, June 24, 2005

I see a story in my second hand belt
There's stars euphoric in the hand I'm dealt
With shoes of my thoughts I'll dance on the harbor
The people on the ferry see and it fills them with laughter
Like the green lazer that climbs into the night
I'll dance in my blazer when I'm well out of sight
Don't talk about this, when that could have been
The difference from reality and dream, is yet to be seen
Don't let them hold our heads, while we stare at their tongue
The fork is almost healed, it's a clever web they've spun
[K-OS] "Truth'll come back when you let it go,
Seems complicated cause it's really so simple"
A man once had this inscribed on his tomb:
Don't have fallen asleep, in life's waiting room

Friday, June 17, 2005

Two bulbs that float in clandestine light
Mirrors shatter from the dead of night
Eyes that look within from that which sees
Shall climb the skies and dance the seas
Lift me bend me, make me still
I still can’t see until I’m on that hill
Stand me on the noon sunset
You can’t even grasp what I’ve seen yet
Take the time to find your own
Find me on eternal phone

Everyone's got a thing,
some will shine and some will sing
Some will glory at the superbowl ring
Some will fight in the heat of the night,
surrounded by the spite from men alike
Some will have a wife and a friend for life
Some know only the walls and their strife

Glasses for the observer now
We're born and live but don't know how
This paradox is the starting line
We need someone, to this define
Man or woman, thing or beast
From west or south, north or east
The morals of of this ticket holder
Must be be of someone much much older
It's that which clutters, misplaced value
This load of shit they try and sell you
Be at peace and listen still
It's this cup of whispers we try and fill

Monday, June 13, 2005

Hey it's us in the shop window,
All dressed up, that's all that we now know
Paper or plastic, how bout an upsize?
Your lips are fantastic, want some of my fries?
Fuck all this greed, Fuck those who look down
Fuck my robot face, that now bares a frown
We fear our enemy, residing inside
Inside is our lives, that we face filled with pride
As we merge today, time's ongoing march
It's this I say, from the depths of my heart
Tanglible wars are now left behind
The new battlefield is the one in your mind
Thankfully ours, is a war we can win
If we strengthen that, which lies under the skin
From the power of peace, a self god will form
Far beyond reach, for a radical new norm
Driven by money, technology can too
So here is the question, I give now to you
Do you trust in yourself, to explore which is hidden
Or trust in the devil, where bliss is forbidden

Sunday, June 12, 2005

I gotta see what's down this road,
Gotta see my heart lifted of this load
Your smile I know,
but your eyes, they're so...
You can't know, the things that I say
You will though, and it'll fall into place
My space, is yours for the day
So touch me, with those eyes as you may
I know you are scared, afraid for the change
and so am I, boy love is strange
Just give it a chance, hold my hand
You need to jump from the cliff, to understand
I don't think you see, how you light up the night
I wish I could close my eyes, with you my last sight
One time we kissed, your house down street
Before I was cold, your lips filled me with heat

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Ti~me, it takes a toll, please eat with food
Fi~nd, it waits too long, While in this crime
No conscience, objective mime
Sit and listen to your.. lust
Further from that which matters must
Toke a book it leaves today, no biography
Time it takes a toll, it takes a toll, it taks a toll
It's mine to sentance daily
It's mine to sentance daily

Sunday, June 05, 2005

She's just an extra part, in the movie within her heart
It's just another night, alone in the flashing lights
It's just another tick from the hand that won't hold her own

His jokes could make them grin, but he never quite fit right in
It's just another day, com'n and smoke the blues away
It's just another note that will never see her eyes, he sighs

We walk the grid with grace, but they can't even look me in the face
As freedom is another stain, com'n and wash my brain again
It's just another thing that doesn't have to be this way

Angels, here now. We sentance ourselves to hell
Heaven, for all. We're alive and that's above their wall