Monday, June 13, 2005

Hey it's us in the shop window,
All dressed up, that's all that we now know
Paper or plastic, how bout an upsize?
Your lips are fantastic, want some of my fries?
Fuck all this greed, Fuck those who look down
Fuck my robot face, that now bares a frown
We fear our enemy, residing inside
Inside is our lives, that we face filled with pride
As we merge today, time's ongoing march
It's this I say, from the depths of my heart
Tanglible wars are now left behind
The new battlefield is the one in your mind
Thankfully ours, is a war we can win
If we strengthen that, which lies under the skin
From the power of peace, a self god will form
Far beyond reach, for a radical new norm
Driven by money, technology can too
So here is the question, I give now to you
Do you trust in yourself, to explore which is hidden
Or trust in the devil, where bliss is forbidden

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