Thursday, March 31, 2005

An ode to acirE

I picture your smile
I can see it on my face
My heart on the track as it starts to race
I can’t drink the water
I can’t breathe the air
Without swallowing pride
And smelling your hair
Like some ice in the night
My siren is this song
Everything was right
Then everything was wrong
I could stand here and wonder
I could stand here and think
But this ship’s going under
Yeah it’s sure gonna sink
Lifeboat for two, but I’m the only one
Goodbye my love, it’s sure been fun
I respond to the door
You’re not who I see
Man how I hate these chains to be free
Well I’m gettin tired
Yeah I’m running out of steam
Go on just take my self esteem
Well girls they come
And girls they go
Broke my heart,
You'll never know
Well the sun’s goin down
Yes this sure has to end
Could you promise me this my friend?
Everything is good
And I feel fine
This deal understood
While I’m on bought time
No thought of sleep
Though it draws near
No thought of life
Though it’s all I hear
I was down with her cinematography
Night’s film she’s the star and I’m just me
By chance luck ours eyes would find
Everybody was feeling fi-e-ine
Didn’t know then but my luck was twisted
Didn’t know either at the hugs and kisses
Search for truth in the bump’n’grind
Everybody was feeling fi-e-ine
There are no shadows bathed in starlight
Plenty of sorrow with the dark of sunlight
By chance luck our paths would find
Everybody was feeling fi-e-ine
Freedom has a monopoly
Conscience film and the star is me
By chance luck our eyes would find
Everybody was feeling fi-e-ine

Sunday, March 13, 2005

It's funny how I hate for one i've never met
Com'n wipe the slate, I'll win your heart i bet
You'll tell me that you can't while I rave and rant
Your words are a shoe and my heart is an ant
How can we talk? When my intentions are clear
You can prolly see my thoughts if you look in my ear
You've stolen my the burgler in town
Still I can't frown.. no not when you're around
Please get off my glasses cause you're all I see
When I rest for a moment, when I cross my T's
I guess I'll call it even, Or even a deal
You disrupt my thoughts.. but you teach me to feel