Monday, December 26, 2005

"There is a certain misconception about stress I think. Alot of people think if you have a really hectic or otherwise complicated, pressuring career that you will be a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. When I was younger I used to see people on TV, the enemies so to speak and think to myself 'Man.. I bet those guys don't get any sleep, how can they live in constant peril?'. Truth is, we adapt, we cope with it - we're built to."


"You wouldn't believe how much you can do to a person, or a group of people for that matter, before they decide to fight back. It's all about the presentation. I live in constant fear for my life, I have many enemies as I've killed many people, but you know what? It really doesn't bother me all that much. I get up every morning and drink my coffee like the rest of you. We all have our jobs to do, we all report to someone; as long as you can report back to your moral code at the end of the day, then your personal choices are worth the paycheck, so to speak."


"I mean take today, its Christmas. I'll be working, most of the country won't be, but I will be. More deaths, a grain of salt on my conscious, but they do seem to add up after a while. They say the meaning of life is found somewhere in living it, but they don't say how long you have to go. Personally if I hear that a village was bombed I say hey, at least they got to life for a little while. People can be so greedy these days."


"I got my daughters some real expensive jewlery for Christmas. I felt Christ was with me during the purchase somehow; because of that I stand before you a man at peace on this festive day"


"Mr. President.. stop talking to your teddy and come with me please, I have some papers for you to sign"

"Well.. can I bring Mr. Wiggles?"


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