Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kanye Song

I started a rhyme-scheme verse in my head while listening to this song

So I decided to finish it off on paper.

Only five years past I had so much soul
I would play with my homie
She’s say ‘That joke’s so old’
I’d say ‘I’m really phony’
But, um, I said ‘hey phone me’
But now, I feel so lonely
--But she don’t wanna know
Even though she wanna know me.
So, the world it’s broke
And I’m broke: no money
Breathing in shit while the sun ain’t sunny
I row my boat, but I’m out, too far
pen and paper and an empty, jar
Sonny has the car, but his life’s all wrong
No one feels the loss till they lose
While it’s gone, you’ll see.
I learned you can lose so much with artistry.
She said “You always come back,
but you then always leave!
How can I be with someone who isn’t here for me?
So go on and keep writing
Keep dreaming these songs for me!’

Do you think about me now and then?
Do you think about me now and then?
Cause I’m coming home again.
Coming home again.

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