Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Kent is a native to these lands. He is nomadic, but this region alone is his home. Here we find the finished limb of a ancient growth: the evolution of man. Kent stands beneath a long-rooted tree, his kind a key affinity to the mother giant.

She has rejected a persistent stone, by the looks of him, from the thick jungle brush. He is scarred, and resilient -- unnecessary for the harmonized. He does not belong here, persay --Kent knows that-- but the winds of time blow sideways just as they do forwards and back. Here these two men stand facing each other, and something will come of it.

They look into each other’s eyes and then stranger speaks, but who can know what he says.

“Sometimes I find that I have reached the peak of another mountain, and all the ones I’ve climbed before, unknowingly, lie back before me. I can see them, just like the ones further along in my path. It is such a beautiful place up there. So much potential in the sky...the land. Then, I start to head back down, and I wonder: why does it have to work this way? Why can’t I live up here? As I descend closer to the earth, and the cracks in my brain, that’s when I forget where I am, and I stumble around, lost. I am hungry, I am alone. At night I dream of being up there, breathing the fresh air. It’s not supposed to be like this, you know. I could have a wife, kids, I guess. I chose to be here, all that time ago.”

Kent cannot help this man, but this approaching night they will sleep in the same tribe. Kent will show him their customs, and while their music is largely misunderstood, the strange man will dance before sleeping.

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