Tuesday, May 17, 2005

"Listen you lanky wisefuck, You need to go now.. before it becomes bad for your health" The suprisingly minty breath of the gorilla man before me seemed to cut through the music like the sound of fucking nextdoor.
I need to go? Where the hell am I? I started to laugh at this, holy fuck I'm messed up. The bouncer seemed to understand what state I was in and swiftly grabbed me by the arm and proceeded to pull me towards the door.
"If I were you, I'd call a cab and get home. You checked out upstairs a long time ago" said the bouncer with the goetee and the minty breath. Then again, they all had goetees.
"Roger that" I slurred out of my mouth and stumbled off. Now where was I going? I don't even recognize this part of the city. Fuck I'm messed up, taking those shrooms was not a very wise idea. The remeberance of this particular event seemed to instigate the sidewalk's sudden decision to turn into a moving sidewalk. I stopped walking, just to make sure that I could without the sidewalk carrying me away. I had two options that I saw, or could even focus my mind enough to think about right now: 1. I could smoke some pot. The advantage here is that I could think a bit more clearly, it would probably negate some of the liquor. The downside to this is that while clearing my mind a bit, it also speeds it up and makes me freaked out while on shrooms, and a bad trip is not what I need right now. The alternative is to take the pill of E I have on me and try to pick up. The downside to this, combining liquor with an mx-bomb is a rather interesting mix and the results tend to be the same.
"Hey there sexy"
The voice hit me like bad poker hand, unexpected noises can sound quite weird when you're zooming. I turned my head around to see the face I had not seen in a very long time. She was completely different, mature, sophisticated. The only thing that had not changed was the fact she was sexy as hell.
"Veronica, Hi, God you look incredible" I said, and I had to say, even though her tits, and the rest of her red button up shortsleeve was starting to move in ways only capable when on hallucinagens.
"I could say the same thing about you, wow you've discovered the gym I see. No offense, but you were always sort of a nerd" The woman's snide comment was very much expected, and the small grin that slipped across her face might as well have been a neon sign. You see she was, and so continues to be now a slut at heart. I knew her back in high school, to be honest I didn't think she'd go anywhere.
"Do you wanna get somethin to eat? or Drink perhaps?" I said, in a rather suave manor.
"Do you don't have to yell" She said, in a much more suave mannor. "Here come on follow me" She said as she walked past me. "You should probably do what she says" her ass whispered to me and signaled for me to follow. With a snide smile of my own I quickly popped in the E. My life is great I thought.
"So Veronica, I think it's only fair to tell you now that I'm completely fucked up, I... I don't really know what's even going on" explained as I caught up, it took a while as the sidewalk was moving in the opposite direction.
"Can you fuck?"
"I would think so yes"
"Well then that's all that matters, we're going to my house, it's near here." She gestured with her delicate hand in a swooping fashion, so in other words, in no direction whatsoever. Why do you even care? What is a direction when you really think about it?


The question seemed to haunt my thoughts on the way to her house, the walk could very well have been around 17 hours or maybe just 11 minutes. Time distortion on this many drugs is unreal, especially with shrooms. Fortunately for me, they also make me talkative and social, especially now that the E is kicking in. Even though my head was a portal to chaos, the words I spouted seemed to make increasingly more and more sense. That is, as I tried my best to not talk about my self and lie accordingly when I needed to. I shifted my mind now to a move objective view of myself and the world, shrooms are great for this. I had to say, I looked quite good, I was always a fashionable guy, and even though my life was a mess and I was broke, I always had enough to stay looking nice. As for Veronica, she looked better than half of the people who raised an eyebrow at the sight of my pupils. I might be fucked up, but everyone gets fucked up once and a while, Veronica thinks I am successfull, and that's all that matters.
The sidewalk stopped us infront of a large apartment building, I had seen it before, I recognized this place, and it gave me comfort. "This is it" she said, rather happily for someone who is so cool. She took my hand and proceeded to lead me towards the main doors. Her touch sent a chill through me that seemed to heat up every nerve I had. Oh yeah the E was in full force, I was holding the arm of promise, of home, it feels so fucking good.
We stepped out of the elevator that i have to say, started to freak me out. If you think outside the box, literally, you'll find two occupants enclosed inside a giant metel cube. Not a pleasant thought when you're in that state of mind. The doors however, did open and I was greeted by quite an upscale interior, in fact as my mind strugged to keep up with time itself I realized she owned the entire floor.
"Look at you, what do you want to do to me you sexy nerd"
Make you my wife I thought.

(To be continued)

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