Monday, May 16, 2005

The wheels are spinning on the road of my life
But every once a while there comes a knife
So take a seat, and make yourselfs at home
I got the beat, ears will ring like your phone
I never really hate but I get pissed off
I will relate, how she hit me where I'm soft
Her smile outshone, the searchlight of my heart
Her voice was so perfect, I knew from the start
Writing this now it makes me want to cry
I think I can go on though, for you I'll try
The smiles were sunny, in the labs of our chemistry
"I think you're really funny" is what she said to me
There was some past with her friend, this I can admit
So I talked with her about it, in a time I saw fit
She was in a jail, behind the bars of my happenstance
I drained my heart for bail, to show her my own innocence
If you say you didn't feel it, I would say that you'd just lied
We would talk from late at night, until the sunrise sky
Like that urge to sneeze, suddenly it was no more
Random like a breeze, that cut me to the core
I could be crazy, in fact that's probably the case
But it doesn't phase me, just tell me to my face
You didn't say a thing, not even when I asked
It's like the show just ended, and we were the cast
Tell me it's cause of her, or that I'm not hot enough
Tell me something else, cause I'm definately hot enough
Tell me that your ex, wants back in your life
You really shouda told me, and saved me so much strife
Hell just make something up, if you really do not know
Tell me to go to hell, just tell me where to go
I should have seen it coming, but i tend to not assume
When your feelings sent you running, locked you in a room
I will not judge, and I will not cry
But you know what? fuck her.. just between you and I

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