Tuesday, November 08, 2005

he police officer stared through the glass at the brightly lit, ever-so-simple room. In fact, it was one of the brightest rooms that they had here in the building. She assumed the extreme light is designed to be uncomfortable, but somehow it seemed the reverse for her right now. The detainee, seated at the interrogation table seemed to be quite at home, he was slouched over, using one of his arms as a headrest and drumming away on the table. A white male.

Exhaling she placed her hand on the doorknob; the males in the precinct called the first interrogation 'popping your cherry', as she stood there about to penetrate the room so to speak, the police officer wondered if males felt this nervous the first time they lost their virginity. I mean, who knows what'll happen once she's in there? Such a foreign place, she never really realized how much the (male) penis puts it all out there, the periscope of the human sensation submarine so to speak.

"Alright! It's gotta happen sooner or later" she said to herself before confidently twisting the doorknob, and proceeding into the bright room. She made a point not to look away from the suspect as she calmly walked over and took a seat across the table from the suspect. He had a very young face, smooth with a shaven head. He wore the basic 'street' attire, which consisted of an oversized winter coat with a fur outined hood, a pair of baggy jeans and some sort of basketball jersey over a white t-shirt. Amazingly, this style has not seemed to evolve at all like the rest of fashion.

"Ok Mr.. Fontana, here's the deal. You've been brought in on intent to sell, you know the drug laws in the US will nail you to the wall. You give us some information, maybe I can make this little.. incovenience go away." the police officer said sternly. She wasn't sure what to make of her initial speech, I mean it sounded alright.

Mr. Fontana sat up a bit straighter, licking his lips slightly his hazelnut eyes scanned the police officer. She would say that she was a fairly attractive woman, and she knew what a sexual look looked like, and his was definately not one of them. It was as if the boy practiced being interrogated, because she felt naked, revealed under his gaze.

"What's your name? Rookie?" he finally said, with a coy smile.

"Fuck" she thought to herself before finally responding with a stern, "My name is Detective Emilia Ramirez"

Fontana nodded at this, rubbing his chin for a second. "Lemme guess" he started, rubbing his hands together overdramatically, "Small town, High IQ, someone scarred you real good when yews was young" he nodded, rocking back and forth slightly. "Das why you got into dis here work ya girl" he held out his hands, "MMm? Am I's right or not?"

Emilia was stunned, how could this guy know all that? This is impossible! She did not what was worse, her surpise at this suspects knowledge, or her inability to even pinpoint his age. He could easily have been 25, or 18; why hadn't she checked his chart again before coming? "Rookie" she yelled to herself. Trying to keep it together she managed, "How.. How did you know that?"

"Ya wear it on ya face ya girl" he responded, "Look, in yer line of work, you's got ta leave that shit deep in ya mind, you's in love ain't ya?" he leaned forward, "You got stuffed by ya man this morning, and you loved it"

The couldn't even respond.

"Let me spell things out for ya, I respect the law, I know it's gotsta be there, we's all in this together you know, the dealers and you guys. Cept we gots the jails and the pleasure sted of the dental plan and da protection like y'all" he paused for a moment, scanning Emilia's face once again, before going on. "Aight look, I ain't scared a bein here, I know I'm gon be back on the streets eventually, but while I be 'detained' like y'all like to call it, let me tell you a thing or two about what you ain't seein. Girl, I can tell you's a smart one, I ain't wanna see you wing up dead before your time you know what I'm sayin?"

Emilia, wide-eyed, slowly nodded.

"Aight is like this. Da streets is a different world you know? I mean literally, our world don't exist with everyone else. Government, rules, morals, all that shit is an illusion. We gots Kings, Kingdoms, warriors and assasins. Da streets be home to some of the smartest niggas the world has seen, just like y'all employ some of the dumbest motherfuckas the world has been." he paused for a second, glancing to the mirrored glass before continuing. "You think I wanna see some child get mowed down in the streets? I hate evil child raping, innocent killin motherfuckas as much as the next foo, but on the streets shit's gotta get done, just like on the force. There always be the thinkers and the doers, and it always be the doers who fuck up. General can't control all his troops ya know, all that shit, some are rouges, some just disobey, some just be motherfucking cracked out motherfuckas. We be in milkin the world business, I choose the danger and the payoffs, you be in the maintaining illusion business, choose the comfort and the peace of mind. Believe it or not, us 'criminals' believe in justice just as much as y'all" he laughed at this for a moment, "How else y'all think things run so smoothly? The integration between us two groups."

The police officer glanced over to the window for a second, she did not think anyone would be listening if she knew the officer like she did. She did after all, pick this time to 'pop her cherry' for a particular reason. "Go on"

"There ain't no more to be said" the suspect responded, "You want justice? So do I, but ya ain't gonna find it from some judge, or from some rulebook, y'all find it in your heart and it'll make things alot easier for you. Ya gotta accept the rules, and then abandon all fear, all emotion. You wanna play this game and love's gotta come second, it's all gotta come second because if it doesn't it'll get sucked from you or pushed under your skin anyways. If you can't handle this, I suggest you get out of this game girl, take a desk job"

Emilia was finally beginning to get over her initial shock, the guy was smart, but she had to save some face. "You know what, you should like someone numb to the world, justifying your actions moreso to yourself than to me, you think you can just ignore the law?"

Fontana raised an eyebrow at this, something else the police officer couldn't do. "You're talking to a mirror girl. " He stuffed his hands into his coat pockets and looked at her for an extended period of time. "This is the world we live in ya girl, the politicians that run this country employ us, and you trust their law? Who is really the numb one here?"

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