Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sidney ascended the steps of Temple High School, leaving behind her a wake of confidence and illusion, the engine of course -- her attire and demeanor. The hallways were jammed full with studets, the usual silence that had followed the mass production of the 'Spectacles'.

The Spectacles are a pair of ordinary looking seeing glasses, but they are far beyond the fossil like 'seeing glasses' in function, far beyond. The glasses were essentially computers akin to those you are reading this story on. The Spectacles are equipped with eye sensors as well as a visual keypad projection system which allows the glasses to read the input from the typing of fingers within a specific grid in relation to the sight of the user.

It is far, far, more adventagious to think about, and type out a sentence you could easily spill out without any editing or provisions. As well, given use from early youth into the middle and high schoool years, it is for the most part far, far faster to use your hands than your mouth. This is not to say that everyone in this day and age doesn't know how to actually speak english, in fact almost every single person on earth knows how to speak an actual language, just like they did back in the prior years. It is necessary to be able to speak without use of the spectacles as sometimes talk is needed that cannot be monitored in any real way.

Sidney traverses the crowd of silent people, hearing a vast number of conversations flickering to her at a specificly set proximity/time ratio before finally crossing the threshold into a particular room, she finds a seat to her likeing and sits down.

It is not long before the teacher enters the room, she is a middle aged blonde. Sidney thinks to herself that Ms. Blackstone was almost positively quite an attractive woman back in her high school years, that is.. provided some of her extra plumb did not used to reside under her ivory, pale skin. Ms. Blackstone smiles to the students in the class and says "Greetings" outloud before moving into Spectacle speech, the room once again completely undisturbed by any sound except for the occasional cough.

After taking care of some administrative matters, the teacher begins her lecture: "Today in history will we be looking back to the events leading up the great revolution. In particular we will look at the construction of the individual I'm sure you all have heard of, a man by the name of Jesus. Now this is not his actual name, he made it up to coincide with some fabrications in the book we looked at last month, "The Bible". Jesus, using some fairly secret technologies, ones we know of today, but something that the people of the times would even have had a concept of. Things like MTP, and Transference. "Jesus" proceeded to manipulate the succeptable masses of the world into buying into him as a "Religious" figure. Perhaps the most telling mistake of Jesus' career as a tool for the elites was his public siding with with what was called the 'republican' democratic party. This man was the catalyst for the main events leading up the great revolution, but in the end, his technology could not do what the 'god' he suscribed to was apparently capable of. "

* * *

Sidney sat there, drumming her fingers along the top of her glass desk. The glass is tinted as to be optimal for an ideal visual backdrop when using the spectacles. At this moment Sidney was watching the conversation between the teacher and student. It was blocked from 3rd party access, but Sidney was smart enough to know how to crack the firewall without being tested. So, with nothing before her but a boring suck-up conversation, Sidney waited for the class to empty. When it evetually did she gathered up her stuff and approached the teacher.

"Hi there Sidney" she said outloud, followed by a smile.

"Hello" Sidney said over the SPectacles, followed by a smile. "I've been doing some reading about this 'God' concept that we've sort of skimmed over in class now, I'm just wondering what -exactly- is a 'God'?" the student asks, with a seemingly genuine gaze.

Ms Blackstone nodded a few times while chewing on her lower lip, "Ok.. well, Sidney it's actually sort of my job to n-... to refer you to other experts in that particular field. They don't like us really teaching you guys about -that-"

Sidney scowled at this, "I just don't understand, How exactly does it exist -outside- of the empire? I mean.. doesn't... .. Well I just don't understand"

The teacher sighed slightly and sat back down into her seat, apparently ready to engage in quite the discussion to save her credit for a child prodige, but also to avoid getting fired. "Sidney, do you know much about 'faith'?" she asks, testing the waters.

"Yes, I think so, sort of like a.. belief in something which is not within the net?" the young woman responds, studying the teachers reaction after she stops to get a feel of the worth of the answer.

"Well... sort of" the teacher explains, "You can find it within the net too. Say for example.. the pornography archives, you wouldn't look there for say.. word definitions or standard calculus equations would you?"


"Exactly, you know -where- to look, and how to trust your own judgements and conclusions, just like you must do with the trails when you are quite young. In the same way you learn to trust your observations about nature, faith is trusting yourself to excercise your intelligence and ability to screen through the say.. level 4 information, compared to say.. the level 2"

Sidney gave a 'hmmm' to this. "I perhaps see now.. the 'God' for the prior timers was not an object, but that feeling we have in all of us, it is the order and the mystery.. and maybe.. maybe even the reason why we have been able to figure out the mastery behind the empire"

Ms Blackstone wouldn't say Sidney was perfectly correct, but she had to admit, the child was awefully smart for her age.

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