Sunday, April 23, 2006

--Who's side are you on?

"Are you still awake?"


"Ha-Ha, very cliche"

"What is it? and if you turn on the light I swear to god I'll scream"

"Well.. it's just that.. I feel like I should come clean with you about something"

"Well I'm certainly awake now, what is it?"

"I'm sort of angry that you didn't ask to have that side of the bed."

"What do you mean?"

"You know what I mean! You think I don't realize what you're doing when you get up for a 'drink' and then come back and get into bed from the other side?"

"I really think this is a coincidence, you're saying I'm a side stealer?.. so you want this side is it?"

"Well you certainly didn't ask for it!! And yeah, I do want that side!"

"Alright have it! And while you're at it, here take my side of the moonlight, and here I'm sure you want some of this air on this side as well!!"

"Oh I suppose you just.. roll into a new job and take whatever desk you want? Is that how the world works?"

"I don't have a desk. You know that."

"I know you don't have a fucking desk!!"


"Wanna have sex?"

"Let's do it on my side."

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