Sunday, April 23, 2006

Her torsoed words struggled, syllabic limbs flailing at Leroy's ears, but to no avail. The woman below him was just one of the many, why should he really listen to their voices?

"I'm scared..."

Pathetic, spoiled bitch. Leroy was going to enjoy inflicting this harm on 'Mrs. Stevenson'. He looked down at her, he mascara running down her cheeks as she stared wide eyed at the metel instrument in the man's hands. "You took a gamble, and now you have to pay the price."

"It's not fair!" she shouted before breaking into another fit of sobbing.

"Be that as it may, this -is- going to happen. It's for your own good anyways" Leroy responded coldly, a small grin to cap off the statement. "Now stay still, it'll hurt less."

Mrs Stevenson instinctively flinched and shied away as Leroy brought the source of all her fright closer to the woman's body. The absolute fear eminating from her eyes followed the instrument and her breathing increased dramatically. Still, after the initial flinch she managed to stay motionless.

Leroy brought the needle about an inch from the skin before skillfully, and quickly plunging it into the vein.

Mrs Stevenson bit her lip, utter hysteria boiling steam out of her nose.

"And we're done!" Leroy said, wishing it could last longer.

"It took you long enough!" Mrs Stevenson exclaimed angrily.

"Just remember whatever happens in Vegas, doesn't stay in Vegas. Next time it could be herpies."

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